Intelligent Life Design 

Recharge Retreat

Learn how to create the life you've been longing for!

Design the life of your Dreams!

using JB Glossinger's Intelligent Life Design System

May 24th and 25th 2018, Parkland, FL

Longing for Freedom?

Freedom from a career that is stealing your time and energy?

Freedom to do the things that you love? 

Freedom to stop worring about money?

Freedom to really enjoy all the good things that life has to offer?

Event Details

Here's what you need to know about the Intelligent Life Design Recharge Retreat

This Event Includes:


You'll enjoy two intense days of small group coaching with JB and the rest of the mastermind group. The coaching is held on a Thursday and Friday. You'll have the weekend free to enjoy the beautiful beaches of South Florida


You'll learn the entire Intelligent Life Design system, including finding your Nut Balance and Discovering your Passion. You'll go home with the business systems you need to create a lifestyle business that works.


If your life is not in alignment with your Sacred 6 mission and purpose, you'll never be satisfied. Together with the Mastermind group, you'll create or review your Sacred 6 Mission and Purpose. Then you'll set some attainable goals for the next quarter.

What's The Purpose?

You will leave the event with three things:

A plan of action,

A system for success,

A support group!

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What Do Our Members Say?

Greg says...

"...And then you come to something like this, and talk to all these people, and hear it live, it takes it to even a higher level of understanding and depth that I didn’t think was possible until I came this weekend.  

So, I strongly encourage anyone thinking about coming to one of these events, please do! "

Lee says...

"This is actually my second event, which has been really fun and interesting...

...So one of the things that I’ve found that I sort of knew but it’s better when you actually experience it… that you may set goals, and then you realize life changes and your goals change. So it’s been fun to check off things, look at things that are almost done, and then set some new goals. So we’ll see what happens next time! "

Who should NOT come?

This retreat is not for every one! 

If you're barely getting by... If you don't have an income... If you are in financial distress...

We want you to focus on using the free financial resources on to determine your Nut Balance and get your finances in order. Once you understand your financial situation, you can make plans to attend a future retreat. We'll be here when you're ready! 

How much, JB?

The last time MorningCoach offered the ILD Retreat it cost $2000!

The NEXT time MorningCoach offers this event it will cost $5000! 


JUST for you... 

the cost of the training is ONLY $497.

Two days of intense coaching with JB... 

A supportive like-minded mastermind group...

And a workable plan of action...

ONLY $497

Here's the only problem...

There is very limited seating, and because of this one time 

SPECIAL PRICE... only $497...

the event is going to fill up fast...